Search Engine Optimization

Search engines not like humans, they rarely understand non-text content like images and Flash, they don't know which area of your website content is important. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is use to optimise & improve website in order to increase ranking in organic search engine. A well ranked website get more visibility on search result page to increased search engine traffic to your website at no cost. 

WePromo Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the website promote service provide by KEEP Pte Ltd. We specialise in business development & marketing. We help you to improve your search rankings by making your website more search engine friendly, improving the quality & relavant links on your website, keywords research & analysis to make sure your website contents are matched with the words or phrases searched by users.

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One-Time SEO Analysis Report

  • A SEO report includes search engine friendliness review, keyword research, content development ideas and link building suggestions. The report produced will detail problems, and the solutions, meant to aid your website development team in implementing any changes required. Advice and recommendations will also be provided for the team involved in marketing and management of the website.

  • Keyword Research & Analysis

    Search engines show the most relavant results (website) base on words or phrases users entering. We can provide research & analysis on each key phrases and words that are relevant to your business.

    Content Development

    Developing good content with valuable keywords will increase the chances of your web pages being show on search result to what users are searching for. In turn increase traffic and links to your website.

    Search Engine Friendly Website

    Unlike humans, search engines “browse” your website differently. Non-text content like images and Flash are rarely useful for search engines to understand your website. Links to web pages that a human can access may not be accessible to search engines. We can help by revamping your website to make it understandable to search engines, thus improving on your search rankings..

    Links Building

    Search engine friendly URLs are purely structural URLs that do not contain complicated computer language and instead contain only human language for easier to understand & relavant to your website content or keywords.

Project-Base SEO Development

  • We will work hand in hand with your web development, marketing, PR and management teams to carry out your SEO efforts. Key performance indicators will be identified with a monthly performance review and analysis to ensure the project meets your objectives. Below are methods will cover in the project.

  • Webmaster Tools

    Webmaster Tools by Google, Bing or Baidu is a tools to check indexing status, optimize visibility of their websites, troubleshoot the crawling and indexing of the website, website statistics, consolidation of content submission & website health status against malware & keywords research & suggestion.

    HTML Improvements

    HTML is the main markup language for displaying web pages and other information in a web browser. The proper of using HTML elements like heading <h1>, image <img> also help on search engines to understand your website content. 


    Sitemaps are a way to tell search engine about pages on your website they might not otherwise discover. Creating and submitting a Sitemap helps make sure that search engines knows about all the pages on your site, including URLs that may not be discoverable by search engines normal crawling process.

    Structured Data (Rich Snippets)

    Structured Data (Rich Snippets) is a way of marking up the content on a page so search engines can properly pull out information to the users.

    For example an ecommerce site, information can include like description, price, stock status, product reviews and potentially an image (Yahoo! will show an image, Google doesn't currently display images).

    Search engine supports rich snippets for below types of contents: reviews, people, products, businesses and organizations, recipes, events, music videos.

    Search Result with snippet for company
    Search Result with snippet for products
    Search Result with snippet for rating

    Search Engine Friendly URLs

    Search engine friendly URLs are purely structural URLs that do not contain complicated computer language and instead contain only human language for easier to understand & relavant to your website content or keywords.

    Before :
    After :

    Before :
    After :

    Before :
    After :

    Before :
    After :