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Y Fong Electrical Co Pte Ltd
Industrial : Electrical Instruments


Y Fong Electrical Co Pte Ltd is a Singapore local business. Started on specializing in electronics & electrical test and measuring equipments. They also handling sales and marketing, repair and calibration for their range of products.


First challenge was their website infected by phishing attack and was blocked by browser for almost a month. Averagely they wasted about 400 visits per day & uncountable damage in credibility.

Phishing Attacked Site

2nd was the lost of 100 per day paid visitors who leave the website after entering the landing page.

3rd challenge was to improve their website user experience to lead the visitors to the correct information. 


  • Identity the source of phishing attack & removing it from website.
  • Immediately launch the current website to minimise the lost.
  • Study and improve website design & user experience


  1. Use Webmaster tools to detect malware files & remove it from the website.
  2. Once website is cleaned, launch immediately.
  3. Improve Website Design
    1. Primary color & Theme Color:
      In our opinion, the number of color in a theme will always be 3 or lesser or else website contents will be overlooked. And the combination of 2 primary color Blue & Red in design will looked heavy & dirty if both color used unevenly. Reconsider the color usage or remove one primary color & replace it with others color.
      • Removing Blue primary color & replaced it with a series of grey color to bring out the company logo & product pictures.

        Y Fong Electrical website color themes

      • Darken the color usage on both brand & products categories navigation.

        Y Fong Electrical improved side navigation

    2. Empty Spaces: Utilize the available empty space to put in more products or linkage to lead visitor to correct brand / products.
      • Filled up the empty spaces by increase number of secondary banners for products by brands.

        Y Fong Electrical with empty space filled

    3. Reduce visitors bounce rate by improving website user experience.
      • Implement Nivo Slider for promotional, latest or highlighted products / brands.

        Y Fong Electrical with Nivo Slider

      • Moving the brands navigation from bottom to top.

        Y Fong Electrical improved side navigation


      1. Malware removed and identified that it was infected from the hosting server. The website was unblocked after 2 days.

      2. To prevent the website be infected again from the server, their website have moved to our hosting server.

      3. Successfully bring down the bounce rate by improved website user experience

        Y Fong Electrical bounce rate

      4. Improved Website Design.

        Y Fong Electrical website compare before & after


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